New Theories from Hawking, and from the Scientific Community!

Stephen Hawking, now considered the greatest mind on the planet, and the greatest living physicist, has come forward in recent days with new insights, new interpretations of older theories.

He is currently being lauded for his ideas on aliens in the vast universe who may at some time drop in for a visit. He warns they may not feel, “Greetings! We come in peace”.

Hawkins says life may exist without the presence of water; it might thrive in a harsher medium. Nitrogen based life forms are conceivable, and so too life on a planet, such as the giant Jupiter, or the ringed Saturn, which is comprised of gas. Living creatures may develop even in a strictly gaseous environment!

Hawking believes that ‘time travel” at least in theory is highly possible. He claims that time slows down near objects of great mass, and especially near “black holes” and in theory man could take advantage of this slow down. Hawking envisions huge space vehicles capable of achieving near-light speeds. With such transportation time travel is possible.

Readers if they have the opportunity should view the Hawking specials; he envisions a train that will circle the earth at seven times per second, which too would result in time travel. The illustrations and high-tech graphics in this televised special are indeed breathtaking!

Important to me, your herewith correspondent, is that some long standing ideas have been reviewed and updated:

Scientists now consider the possibility of an infinite (no edge) universe, extending everywhere to infinity, with no oval shape, no edge. They also consider that there may have been and will be an infinite number of big bangs, and even that at some point the current universe we occupy will burn out, fall back upon itself, and over unimaginable time, precipitate another “big bang”.

The savants say that in some rare instances, matter and energy (throbbing back and forth) can and has exceeded (by far) the speed of light.

Mentioned too, and this I gleaned, though it went unsaid, the main thrust of the Hadron (Swiss) Collider is to establish that energy can transform into matter. This explains the importance of the sub-atomic particles I have written of in earlier articles.

We can only wish the paralyzed and mute Hawking peace of mind, and some happiness. He has done much for the modern world.