Seventeen “Live to Dance” Dreamers Shimmy to Semifinals

Wednesday’s “Live to Dance” opened with the judges’ digging deliberations of acts for the semifinals. Each battled for the ballet and bombshell acts he or she loved, and pulled 16 talents to the live semifinal round, and chose four more to vie for the last two slots, with one chosen by the panel, and one voted by the audience following a command performance, last chance dance off. They delivered dreams and second chances in person in a night of cheers and tears. So here’s the list of acts with shining hearts and twinkling toes we’ll see in the live semifinals in the weeks to come:

D’Angelo and Amanda. These tween sweeties won over the judges and the audience with their “unbelievable style” and tender, if somewhat debated, romance.

Bev and Hap. These truly swinging seniors flashed their funk with their audition, and they’ve got more where that came from, so get ready to cheer them on!

Jalen. The 9-year-old with the smile that lit up the dome as much as his routine is bound to be bursting with more energy, so look out for this whizzing, twirling kid!

The Vibe. The mix of energy and multicultural rhythms is stunning onstage, but they’ve got tough groups to go up against, so only the votes can tell!

DeShaunt Stegall. This kid is a dance wonder with heartthrob potential, too, so expect him around for awhile.

Dance Town Chaos. The troupe that mixes modern and ballet surely deserves more than another look, but are they too avant-garde for America to get them?

Jittin’ Genius. He’s a cool act we haven’t had the pleasure to see much on-screen, so you can bet he’ll get more than a few screenshots!

Twitch. A unique band of ballerinas doting on a single centerpiece male, they bring a modern mix of contemporary and classic form.

Roosevelt Anderson. This guy is like no one I’ve seen with his interpretive, innovative routines and movements. Hopefully, the voting powers will agree.

Chi-Town Finest Breakers. This family group is so talented and unique, with beautiful dreams to match-they’ll be sticking around awhile!

Shore Thing. Another act whose not done viewed performance yet, but who surely has impressed the judges panel!

Austen Acevedo. A powerhouse dancer in a little boy’s body, with a genuine gift for interpretive movement. I can’t wait to see more!

Tap Sounds Underground. Anyone loving old musicals and great tapping has to love these two-I hope they last!

Dax and Sarah. These Lindy-hopping lovers are sure to win votes and hearts in coming weeks-they are special.

Dance in Flight. The Duo has swayed the judges even before America has seen much of them, so you know they have more in the wheelhouse!

Four acts were called back for a the final dance-off to decide the final two places. Inside the Box dropped the cartoon angle to opt for color, power, and energy that definitely put them in another angle from their audition. Kendall Glover sparkled and defied the small size of her body, filling the stage to “Happy”. White Tree Fine Art redefine grace through their innovative ballet personifying passion in plie. Theatrix created their own version of a bad news white shoes “Footloose” routine, high on creativity, but judge Travis Payne warned maybe not so clean on foot work.

Find out who gets the last spot in the audience vote next Wednesday, 8 PM ET on CBS.